Statement of the Foreign Ministry of Armenia on the war crimes committed by the armed forces of Azerbaijan

Numerous videos regularly publisized by Azerbaijani users on social media demonstrate the war crimes, extrajudicial killings of Armenian prisoners of war, torture of Armenian servicemen, including women, and desecration of corpses committed by the Azerbaijani armed forces.
The Republic of Armenia demands a clear assessment of the appalling war crimes committed by the Azerbaijani armed forces in this and previous periods. We will consistently pursue to voice the issue in relevant international platforms and courts, and bring to justice the perpetrators and organizers of the above-mentioned crimes, including by the application of international sanctions. In this context, a due international investigation is an imperative.
At the same time, the international community is obliged to increase pressure on Azerbaijan for the immediate repatriation of all Armenian prisoners of war and civilians illegally held in Azerbaijan, clarification of cases of forced disappearances and the fates of the missing persons.